20 Uses for Coconut Oil

20 Uses for Coconut Oil

My daughter first brought coconut oil into our home some year ago to treat her oily skin. Since then we have found a multitude of different uses for the wonder that is coconut oil! Here’s a list of some of our tried and tested uses for coconut oil around the home:

  1. To treat oily skin: Wash your face with soap and water and then apply a thin layer of coconut oil. Treat it as a moisturiser. Use twice daily (it may take a few days to notice the difference and your skin may feel extra oily at first, but stick with it).
  2. To relieve dry skin: Again, use as a moisturiser on affected areas.
  3. For acne prone skin: I have used coconut oil to treat my own acne. Since using coconut oil as a daily moisturiser, I have had significantly fewer breakouts.
  4. Anti-aging cream: Apply coconut oil to fine lines around the eyes or wrinkles before bedtime.
  5. As a deodorant: Coconut oil can be used under the arms to reduce sweat and eliminate odour in place of your usual deodorant. Just give it a try – it’s also much gentler than aerosols and sprays.
  6. Shaving cream: Use coconut oil before and after shaving to give your skin that extra softness.
  7. Cold sore treatment: Dab coconut oil on a cold sore a few times a day to see quick results.
  8. Lip balm: We use the oil on our lips during the winter months to prevent chapped lips.
  9. Hair conditioner: Use coconut oil after shampooing to leave hair feeling soft and smooth.
  10. For damaged hair and split ends: Since using coconut oil after shampooing, we’ve all noticed fewer split ends and as a result, fewer trips to the hairdressers! Money saver!
  11. As a de-tangler: I’ve been using coconut oil in place of shop bought de-tangling sprays on my toddler’s hair. I apply to wet hair after washing  and the brush slides through her hair.
  12.  Hand-cream: I use the oil after washing the pots to prevent dry skin on my hands and fingers.
  13. To help nails grow: Rubbing coconut oil into the cuticles assists nail growth.
  14. For burns: I burnt my hand on the stove and my daughter put a dab of coconut oil on the wound instead of shop-bought creams. The burn cooled after only a few minutes and the burn didn’t leave a scar.
  15. For Sunburn: We have also used the oil to treat sunburn in place of after sun lotion.

Uses for Coconut Oil We’re Still To Test

What follows is a list of remedies for coconut oil that we as a family are yet to try. If you use any of these remedies, please let me know if they worked!

  1. In cooking: Use in place of your regular vegetable oil. In fact, coconut oil can be used as a nutritious ingredient in many recipes.
  2. Chicken Pox: Helps to sooth the itching of chicken pox spots.
  3. Massgae oil: When combined with a few drops of lavender oil, coconut oil can be massaged into the skin to relieve aching muscles.
  4. Stretch marks: The oil can help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
  5. Extending the freshness of eggs: Coating eggs in coconut oil is said to extend their life by upto 2 weeks.

I buy Coconut oil from the supermarket with my regular shopping, it is widely available from many stores. The one featured in the image for the post was purchased from Asda.

Do you have your own uses for coconut oil? Leave a comment and let us know how you use this wonder oil!



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