Witley Court and Gardens

Witley Court and Gardens

Witley Court with its beautiful gardens is one of English Heritage’s most popular properties and after visiting this immense location, it’s easy to see why.

Witley Court and Gardens lie in Worcester, not far off the M5. We stopped off to visit this spectacular site whilst journeying to the south of England. If you’re travelling from the North to the South of England, it’s a perfect stop to stretch your legs and take in a bit of history.

Disabled Access

We travelled with someone with severe mobility issues and the staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating. Unfortunately because of these mobility issues, we were unable to explore the lower part of the property. However, the staff very graciously allowed us to drive to the main part of the property (the ruins of the old house and gardens). We could then allow the disabled visitor to disembark from the car right at the main location. We are incredibly grateful for this!

Exploring The Property

Witley Court is a vast and jaw dropping ruinous property. The property is rather aptly called ‘A Romantic Ruin’.

The ruins we see today are 19th century in origin and the landscape takes inspiration from Italian design. (If you’ve ever been to Rome, this is glaringly obvious). The 20th century saw the destruction of the property through a major fire in the property in 1937. Fittings and furniture were then stripped from the once lavish home and the property saw 40 years of neglect.

The 1970s witnessed a renewed interest in the ruin as restorators worked hard to preserve what was left of this once splendid home.

Exploring these ruins, my daughter and I envisaged what it must have been like to live in a home so huge. The old ruins really captured my daughter’s imagination (as well as my own).

The Gardens

Undoubtedly the most impressive features of Witley Court and Gardens are the fountains. These are absolutely incredible. A smaller fountain lies on an incredibly well-kept lawn.

And standing here gives one an impressive view of the now derelict house.

The second and much larger fountain is something of a spectacle.

Upon the hour, the fountain offers a spectacular aquatic display. My daughter and I were enthralled with the show – the water spurts in patterns and reached ever higher heights.

Words really are unable to do this show justice. Again the views of the house from this particular fountain are awe-inspiring. And equally the views from the house of the fountain are utterly amazing. The sun was shining and we could have sat for hours watching the water dance and splash.

Close to the main house is a cosy tea room. This little gem serves hot and cold food which can be eaten on-site (we enjoyed sitting in the conservatory) or can be taken away. Toilets are located in the tea room and at the main entrance to the property. English Heritage also has a little shop at the main entrance where you can purchase lots of lovely gifts.

There is a huge car park located within feet of the entrance to Witley Court which makes for a much easier visit. Although unfortunately, we couldn’t explore it, there is a children’s playground on the property.

We very much look forward to exploring Witley Court and Gardens once again in the very near future and we would like to thank all the staff for making our visit so much more enjoyable!

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