Read Write Inc. Phonics Flashcards

Read Write Inc. Phonics Flashcards

Attending my 4-year-old daughter’s parent’s evening last night, we were introduced to a programme of learning used by the school across all classrooms – from nursery right up to year 6. The programme is called ‘Read Write Inc.’ and was developed by Ruth Miskin and assists children as they develop literacy skills. After doing a little research of my own, I found that a quarter of UK schools use this particular system of learning and it has a fabulous success rate.

The Read Write Inc System 

My daughter, Aurelia is in nursery school at the moment and has only recently been introduced to the system. However, she always comes home telling me how to write various letters.

“Around the apple, down the leaf for a”.

She will then repeatedly phonetically say the letter “a”. I was so impressed by this system (it clearly works for Aurelia) that I asked the teacher how I can support Aurelia at home in relation to the Write Read Inc system. The teacher recommended purchasing Read Write Inc. Phonics Flashcards from Amazon.  These are published by Oxford University Press and have been created by ‘Oxford Owl‘. I was pleasantly surprised to find the phonics flashcards only cost £4.66. Using our Amazon Prime membership, I had them delivered for free the following day. They arrived this morning and I was most impressed with these teaching tools.

The pack consists of 72 phonics flashcards including instruction cards for parents. My daughter, with a huge grin on her face at seeing these cards, immediately snatched them from me and started to show her learning, phonetically sounding the letters.

The instruction cards were extremely helpful and give parents an introduction to the system and how this approach to learning will develop literacy skills.

How the Read Write Inc Phonetic Flashcards work 

Each phonics flashcard has two sides; the letter in black font on one side, and on the opposite side, the illustrated letter. For example, the letter ‘T’:

The letter ‘B’:

I have been simply holding up each card.  My daughter then explains how to write the letter, ‘Slither down the snake’ and also how to sound the letter and gives an example of a word beginning with each letter.  I have also been showing her the opposite sides of the card to ensure she is actually learning the letter. And so far, she has got every single letter correct! As the children develop their phonetic skills, they start to put the sounds together, e.g. C and H. There are additional flashcards (More Phonics Flashcards) available for purchase which continue to develop these blending skills.

Other resources 

I was pleased to see that Oxford Owl have produced a number of other resources for the Read Write Inc programme, including the ‘My Reading and Writing Kit‘ (available from Amazon).  The Oxford Owl website also has a number of free resources. Furthermore, the website offers tutorials in the form of videos to parents who are new to this programme. I will certainly be making additional purchases from this collection. The flashcards have proved to be extremely useful and have enabled us to engage with our child’s learning.


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