A Review: Lush Karma Soap

A Review: Lush Karma Soap


Cost: £5.10 for 120g

I absolutely love the Lush store –the company ethical and uses many natural products in their goods. I have been using Lush products on myself and both of my children for the past two years now and I have not had one bad experience with anything I have purchased. I am a fan of their ‘Karma’ perfume so this week I thought I would give the Karma soap a try.

The soap had been sitting in its wrapper in my bathroom drawer for a few days before use and I could smell the wonderful scent as soon as I opened the drawer. I used it like a regular soap and even as a shaving foam. I have always struggled to keep the smell of products on my skin, especially soaps. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after my shower I could still smell the unique Karma scent on my skin (and I still can two hours later).

I will now be using this in place of my usual shower gel as I love the way it feels and smells. Thanks again Lush for another wonderful purchase!


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