Bargains Galore at Cheshire Oaks

Bargains Galore at Cheshire Oaks

It was a glorious sun shiny day on Saturday and rather than visit yet another park again, we had an idea, one that would ensure all the family were catered for. we decided to take a trip to our favourite place to shop – Cheshire Oaks. This place really is a full day out and there is surprisingly something for all of us to be found here. This place is huge and the best shopping centre in my opinion. The website boasts up to 60% off designer labels and this is not just a bold statement, unbelievable bargains can be found here.

The Shops

As with any place, I have my preferred shops that I religiously go to when I come to Cheshire Oaks. My ultimate favourite store is the Dr Martens store.

Both of my children always get a pair of docs when we shop here – and they really are not all that expensive and they last forever! On our trip this weekend we bought Aurelia some adorable boots:




Aside from the gorgeous shoes they sell here, the best part about it is the price: these boots cost £20 (blue) and £15 (floral). I must also add that the staff in this particular store are extremely friendly and helpful.

This weekend we bought Aurelia some Vans (lucky girl).

These were a bargain at £12.80 and again the staff in here are welcoming and helpful.

Another firm favourite store of mine is the Gap shop. I don’t always buy from here, however if I’m in need of jeans or blouses, this is my preferred store. My husband’s store of choice is the Fossil shop. This has become my go-to place to purchase any Christmas or birthday presents for him. He now has quite the watch collection.

We are never able to pass the Build-A-Bear workshop without treating Aurelia to a new teddy. Again, their prices are significantly cheaper than other stores.


This my Little Pony Teddy was only £15.00


My most loved purchase of the day is my new Fiorelli handbag – a steal at £32!


And I always come home with a little something from the Yankee candles store!

A vast array of other fantastic stores can also be found here including; the Next outlet, Nike, Hugo Boss, Sole Trader and Claire’s accessories – to name just a few!


There are a reasonable number of restaurants and food stands with delicious food. There is a decent size McDonalds on site, however this is always extremely busy and sometimes difficult to find seats (even though there is also an outside seating area).

In my opinion, the best place to have lunch is at Harry Ramsden’s; the service is excellent and it is always lovely to sit outside (weather permitting). I also love to grab some lunch from one of the food stands that are scattered throughout the site. Some of these food stands are seasonal; for instance, this weekend we found a cocktail bar and a grill hut and the food was delicious. To give an idea of cost, for the four of us to eat lunch with soft drinks the total was £22.00. There was a large seating area with entertainment throughout the day.


There are also ample cafes to grab a coffee on your walk around.

For the kids

Aurelia loves to go to Cheshire Oaks because she loves the play areas! There are two playgrounds (one indoor, one outdoor) both with excellent equipment.

These areas offer the perfect opportunity to relive the boredom of children. As Aurelia plays we grab a coffee and take the opportunity to sit down while she burns off some energy.

Each time we have visited Cheshire Oaks there has been some sort of event. At Christmas, a huge tree is erected which houses a winter wonderland.

This weekend they were celebrating the Queen’s birthday. Aurelia had a glitter tattoo on her arm and Brian had his beard painted and glittered. (All of this was free!).



Unlike many other shopping centres we have visited, there is always ample parking at Cheshire Oaks and it’s free. If the car parks are looking rather busy there are always spaces in the multi-storey car park (even at Christmas).

I am always raving about this place to my friends and family and I cannot recommend it enough to my readers. Timing is a factor – sometimes I have come away with very little, simply because there was nothing on sale at the price I wanted to pay. Yet other days I can come home with a car full of exciting new things. I can honestly say I have never come away with nothing – there is always a bargain to be found! So, go ahead and grab yourself a bargain!





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