VIP Pets Salon Playset – A Review

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the kids than playing with actual toys rather than glued to computer games! Aurelia was kindly sent the brand new VIP Pets Salon Playset. We have reviewed VIP Pet toys before and they are absolutely brilliant. I was so excited to do another review of these adorable, fun toys. They are of incredibly good quality and can take all the knocks and bangs, throwing and dropping that kids put their toys through!

Not only are these toys extremely well made, but they’re also colourful and aesthetically pleasing. This makes kids really want to play with these toys.

VIP Pets Salon – What’s in the Box?

The VIP Pets Salon Playset comes with one VIP Pet called ‘Kiara’. Kiara cannot be bought seperately and is only avalaible in the VIP Pets Salon. Like all the VIP Pets, Kiara has super long, beautiful hair. Aurelia always loves to style the pets hair and develop her creativity skills.

The Pets Salon comes with a styling chair which the pet fits neatly into. The chair holds the pet in palce allowing the children to style their pet’s hair. First you’ll want to wash your pets hair. This can be done in the real working shower! We were incredibly excited to try this out! The shower was easy to use and comes complete with a little sink which catches the water (so you don’t have to worry about creating a mess).

Once the pet’s hair had been washed, Aurelia combed her pet’s long golden hair. Using a colour comb, Aurelia created a unique style. The colour comb adds additional colours to the pet’s hair.

Then it was time to add some glitter! The VIP Pets Salon comes with 3 tubs of glitter as well as a glitter pen. We added the glitter to the glitterizer! We placed Kiara into the glitterizer cubicle and when she emerged her hair was increibly sparkly!

There are combs, clips, bobbles and a headband. Aurelia loves to practice creating unqiue hair styles on her VIP Pets.

Kiara came with lots of accessories (as do all the VIP Pets). Like the pets, the accessories are of great quality and won’t easily break.

Why we Recommened

First of all, Aurelia is really pleased to have another pet to add to her ever growing collection of VIP Pets. They are fabulous toys that she plays with regularly (and she can’t wait to show them to her friends in the post-Covid world!) The toys are of excellent qulaity and provide hours of fun. The shower is a real unique feature and something I haven’t seen on other toys before. We can’t wait to see more of the toys in the VIP Pets range and to add to Aurelia’s VIP Pet collection.

VIP Pets are avaliable from Smyths toy store. To see the VIP Pets in an adventure, head over to their very own Youtube channel – Kitoons.

*This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all opinions are my own.

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