University Ready with Femme Luxe

University Ready with Femme Luxe

My eldest daughter, Kerri is now 18. She is planning to start University in September. In preparation for this, she, of course, needs a whole new wardrobe in order to be properly university ready. What Kerri really needs is loungewear, something comfortable to wear when she is studying. We have chosen some more items from one of our favourite clothing sites, Femme Luxe to really begin to put this university ready wardrobe together.

A New University Ready Wardrobe from Femme Luxe

First of all, we ordered the Grey Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set . Kerri tells me these are the most comfortable clothes she has ever had. The ribbed material is incredibly soft and comforting. The belt at the front means you can make this set as figure-hugging or as loose as you like. This set comes in an impressive array of colours. Indeed Kerri was torn between the grey and the stone colour. Although described as a loungewear set, this outfit could be dressed up with a pair of heels or kept casual with a pair of trainers.

Loungewear Set

Kerri chose a beautiful grey pair of high waisted lightweight joggers. These are very stylish yet incredibly comfortable. Kerri plans to wear these not only in her own room but on those long days when she wants to wear comfortable clothing when attending a full day of lectures and seminars. I speak from experience – on those long days, comfort is a must! We teamed the joggers up with the gorgeous cropped top from the Calley Loungewear set (below).


My personal favourite from Kerri’s Femme Luxe collection of university ready clothes is undoubtedly the Grey Ribbed Twist Front Loungewear Set – Calley. I absolutely love the style of this set. The top is long-sleeved but with a twisted front crop design. The trousers are wide-bottomed, making this outfit not only incredibly comfortable but also very fashionable. This outfit seemingly demands a pair of heels! The material is luxuriously soft to the touch.

Ok, I had to allow her to have some going out clothes. So Kerri ordered this beautiful Black PU High Neck Mini Dress . I wasn’t too sure exactly how this would look when worn, but I was pleasantly surprised. Kerri has a beautiful figure and this dress really suits her! (I just wish I could wear it!). Kerri told me it is surprisingly comfortable and suitable for her nights out of the town!

Black Dress

Getting Your Child ‘University Ready’.

I compile this list both as a parent and as a university lecturer. In my career, I have taught lots of different students from all backgrounds. Some are incredibly keen when they start their degree courses, others are struggling to settle into their new digs experiencing their first time away from their family home.

Rest assured that whatever university they attend, help is at hand to assist students in their newfound freedom. Some need more time than others to settle in, but that’s entirely normal. So if they call home and express unsettling feelings, offer them comfort and reassure them that these thought processes are entirely normal. If you are concerned, encourage them to speak to a member of staff who will point them in the right direction for the assistance they might need.

In order to ensure your child is univerity ready, there are some steps you can do now.

My daughter has been cooked for, tidied up after and molly-coddled for her entire life. Over the past few months, we have had to prepare her for living away from home. We’ve encouraged her to do the following things for herself:

  • Washing up the pots and loading the dishwasher.
  • Washing, drying and ironing her own clothes.
  • Making trips to the supermarket to buy the foods she likes. This not only gives her a sense of how much things cost, but also makes her consider what foods she actually enjoys.
  • Putting the food she buys away in the cupboards. This way she can see how the kitchen is organized rather than just grabbing the things she likes.
  • Cooking a meal or two a day for herself. Not only does this allow her to use some basic cooking skills, but also to decide how much of the ingredients to use when cooking for one.
  • Changing lightbulbs. When one of the lightbulbs in the house go, my daughter now changes them (we obviously gave her some tutorials).
  • Speaking for herself – I am guilty of speaking for my daughters, whether that’s over the telephone or in person.
  • Making her own doctors and dentist appointments and taking responsibility for her own medications.
  • Emptying the bins. She is asked to keep an eye on the bins to see if they appear full. When they do, she takes the rubbish to the wheelie bin and puts a fresh bag in the bin.
  • Recycling. I have always asked my daughters to throw any recyclable items in the general recycle bin and then I sort it from there. My daughter now sorts through her own recyclable items in preparation for moving into her own university digs.

Things to Buy to Ensure Your Child is Univeristy Ready

It is worth checking with the university halls of residence what your child can and cannot bring with them. For instance, your child may or may not be allowed to bring a TV with them. Some items need to be checked by an electrician, so this is also worth considering. Some halls of residence will permit a kettle but not a toaster or a microwave. It is also worth asking if your child’s room or kitchen will have a kettle or toaster already supplied.

A laptop is going to be a good investment for anyone heading off to university. Printers will be available on campus but laptops will be used by students when they’re in their rooms in the evening working on those assignments. If the laptop has a webcam, you might want to utilise it to make Skype calls.

Make sure your child has enough stationery before they head off to university. Although most of the student’s work is completed on computers nowadays, stationery is always incredibly handy for quick note-making in lectures and seminars.

*This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. July 9, 2020 / 7:46 pm

    Oo, I love the grey loungewear! Ribbed material is always pretty comfy. 🙂

    No doubt it is daunting to start out on a new path in life where even the groceries need you to put them away. I love the list you have created to encourage familiarity with little household tasks that otherwise feel alien.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Lellalee
      July 15, 2020 / 3:28 pm

      Thank you Jaya xxx

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