The Roll Top Welded Dry Bag from Rooster

The Roll Top Welded Dry Bag from Rooster

Another summer and another opportunity for adventures! My family and I love to spend our summer holidays in this beautiful country. Each summer we travel around this great country of ours exploring new and old places with a car packed full of everything we could need for our time ‘on the road’. And this year we had a new accessory to our luggage – the Roll Top Welded Dry Bag from Rooster.

The Beach Goers Problem

On our road trips, an impromptu trip to the beach is a regular occurrence. We don’t always pack swimming costumes. Sometimes the glimpse of a beach prompts our spontaneous nature. Before we know it, we’re running headlong into the sea on a warm summer’s evening.

Although not a concern in the moment, when you’re living out of your car for a week at a time, this can be rather problematic. I’m left to deal with wet clothes that smell horrific after a dip in the sea.

Speaking from a wealth of experience, I can tell you that leaving wet clothes in the car in a plastic bag for any length of time leaves a horrible stench. The water soaks into the carpet and upholstery of the car. This pong then lingers long after the wet clothes have been removed. It was always a given that our car would have to be valeted when we returned from our road trips to remove the lingering smell of soggy clothes.

To be honest, I assumed this was simply part of the course of things. I was simply unaware that there was a convenient solution to my problem.

The Roll Top Dry Bag

This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to update my holiday equipment with a really clever item. The Roll Top Welded Dry Bag from Rooster is amazing and offers the perfect solution to my soggy, smelly clothes issue.

The bag folds down making it really small and therefore easy to leave in the boot of the car until needed. The straps can be removed and simply clipped on when needed.

Following our jaunt to the beach, I conveniently place all the wet clothes along with the wet towel inside the dry bag. Then simply roll down the top of the bag to contain the clothes and towels. I then clip on the straps which are really comfortable on the shoulders.

After spending years travelling from beach to car with arm fulls of carrier bags dripping wet with soaking clothes inside of them, this dry bag is an unbelievably convenient asset. Now after a dip in the ocean, I no longer have the dreaded feeling of wet clothes dripping onto my legs from drenched carrier bags. Conveniently, I effortlessly carry the bag with the clothes inside to the car as I would a rucksack. Simple!

The dry bag then protects my car from the stench of wet clothes. Dripping wet clothes are then contained in the dry bag rather than leaking into the carpet and upholstery of my car. When I get home, I can then take the dry bag straight into the kitchen and to the washing machine with minimal fuss.

The dry bag is really big and can hold all of our swimming clothes. At 60 Litres, this offers ample room to store the wet clothes of my children as well as my own. Another benefit is I have a handy bag to carry the dry clothes and towels to the beach!

Why We Love Our Dry Bag!

The bag itself is made from 500D PVC and is incredibly well made using high-quality materials. The bag can be wiped down after use thus making it easy to clean. Furthermore, it does look stylish – sleek as well as functional! As a mother to daughters, any baggage, slightest movement, spoken word or tiniest item of clothing can cause unbelievable embarrassment and infernal endless amounts of moaning. So anything that can boost my ‘street cred’ and avoid embarrassing my children is a bonus!

As a family, we will not only use this clever piece of equipment at the beach but also when we pop down to play in the stream in our local park. Or when we paddle in the local reservoir. Once we make a return to the swimming baths after months of lockdown, the dry bag will once again be used. The dry bag remains folded in the boot of my car until needed. I love it! The perfect solution to our problems!

The roll-top dry bag also comes in a smaller 10-litre size in a variety of colours. Rooster also sells other amazing products ideal for any beachgoers. Such as a waterproof phone case and an extensive range of clothing for men, women and children.

We really are impressed with our first product from Rooster and will be purchasing many more of their ingenious items in the future!

* This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all opinions are my own.

* For similar posts, see my Home Life section.


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