Summer Knights at Camelot

Summer Knights at Camelot

I’m old enough to not only remember Camelot but to have made some amazing memories there too as both an adult and as a child. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Camelot, it was a magical theme park which closed its doors in 2012. The attraction included some iconic rides as well as amusement-type games. But the overall theme was the mythical realm of Camelot. There were daily shows including jousts and melees. The site was filled with jesters, knights and fair maidens. It was one of the finest attractions in the North West. I was ecstatic to learn that the old Camelot site is now being used and we went along to the Summer Knights event being held there this past weekend.

Park N Party!

It is wonderful to see the old Camelot site be used for something unique and useful! We went along to the venue to attend a drive-in cinema experience! We had watched a movie outdoors on a big screen when we visited the Isle of Wight recently, and we really wanted the drive-through movie experience next!

Park N Party are showing a good variety of different films throughout the summer. We chose to watch Sing 2. When we arrived, the friendly staff directed us to our parking spot before the 3 ginormous screens. The way the cars were directed to park meant there was ample room at the sides and at the front of our car. We arrived at 3.15 p.m. (gates opened at 3 p.m.) and the movie was to start at 4 p.m., so we had plenty of time to explore the site.

A bar was open to purchase any alcoholic drinks. There was a food bar and also a snack bar which catered more for children. They sold doughnuts, crepes, hot drinks, popcorn and a selection of sweets. A large bag of popcorn and a bag of candyfloss cost £7.50 which I thought was very reasonably priced for such a venue (and the popcorn was warm and delicious!).

There are ample park benches on site. Some at the front of the screen and others closer to the bar/food area. A number of these benches were undercover to shelter from the rain! There are also plenty of portaloos on site.

The Drive-In Movie Experience

It was honestly such a thrill to be watching a Summer Knights movie at Camelot! As the screens are massive, you can see the movie wherever you are parked. I sat in the back of the car to allow my daughter a better vantage point. I watched the movie from my window and had a perfect view. You can listen to the audio through your car stereo, or alternatively, leave the car windows down and listen through the screen speakers.


To our surprise, there was entertainment for the kids both before, towards the end and after the movie. And this was fabulous! A man wearing stilts made the most amazing balloon shapes for the kids. Aurelia asked for a sword and it was fascinating to watch the balloon artist create it! He also made the most amazingly enormous bubbles.

The kids had so much fun trying to pop them as they blew into the air. I thought this entertainer had real amazing talent and his talents were much appreciated.

Another highlight for the children was a person dressed as a green mushroom with a water pistol. This individual never said a word to the children, but they followed the mushroom around the venue. The mushroom would also squirt the adults with the water pistol at every opportunity much to the kid’s delight!

Towards the end of the movie, the mushroom came to the cars and would squirt unsuspecting guests through the car windows. He was fantastic!

At the end of the show, the entertainers ran around with the children and had plenty of photos with the kids.

I cannot recommend Summer Knights at Camelot enough! The cost for the movie experience was £28.50 (including the booking fee). We will most certainly be returning for another visit later this month.

Thank you Park N Party for a wonderful experience!



  1. June 13, 2022 / 7:14 pm

    I remember visiting Camelot as a kid – definitely a place to remember. Park N Party sounds like a wonderful experience for both kids and adults – I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. June 13, 2022 / 7:15 pm

    I remember visiting Camelot as a child – definitely a place to remember! I’m sad it closed. Park N Party sounds like great fun though – I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

    Jade MumLifeandMe

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