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Strange Laws From the UK and Around the World

Just for Fun!

Perhaps it’s all the talk of Brexit that made me think about the strange laws I have come across recently! 

Strange Laws Still Enforceable in the UK

  1. If a stranger knocks on your door in Scotland and asks to use your toilet, you are obliged to allow them to do so.
  2. It has been illegal since 1313 to wear a suit of armour in the Houses of Parliament.
  3. Asking a stranger for change for the car park is technically classed as begging and punishable under the 1824 Vagrancy Act.
  4. It is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances.
  5. As odd as it sounds, it is illegal to be drunk in a pub.
  6. To play Knock a door run-away is illegal.
  7. It is illegal to import Polish potatoes without first notifying the authorities.
  8. Since 1939 it has been illegal to carry a plank or wood or a ladder on the pavement.
  9. Any whale or sturgeon beached on UK shores must be offered to the reigning monarch.
  10. It is illegal to beat your carpet, rut or mat outdoors in London.
  11. Being drunk and in charge of cattle is illegal.
  12. Before activating your burglar alarm and leaving the home, you must first nominate a ‘key holder’ who can turn it off when you are absent.


Strange Laws From Around the World

  1. In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush a toilet in an apartment block after 10 pm.
  2. In Australia, patrons of a bar can expect to have their horses stabled, water and fed by the bar owner.
  3. Australian law also forbids people to dress up as Batman and Robin.
  4. It is illegal for chickens to cross the road in Georgia.
  5. Hawaiian law states that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the beach.
  6. In Russia, it is illegal to drive a dirty car.
  7. In Illinois, USA, it is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese shop.
  8. Unless attending a funeral or visiting at a hospital, it is illegal to frown in Milan, Italy.
  9. In France, it is illegal to name your pig Napoleon.
  10. In Japan, it is illegal for a driver to splash mud or water onto a pedestrian.
  11. If an elephant is tied to a parking meter, money must be placed into the meter by the owner in Florida.
  12. Urinating in the sea in Portugal is illegal.

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