Shopping for Quirky Teapots

Shopping for Quirky Teapots

I am a huge fan of Green Tea! This year for my birthday, I asked my daughters to buy me a teapot so I could indulge in my favourite past time of drinking this delicious beverage. I was expecting something rather plain and simple, such as the old-fashioned object my Grandparents would serve tea from when I was a child. Instead I received something rather unexpected and extremely delightful – a quirky owl teapot!

I was, and still am so impressed with this beautiful object I have become slightly obsessed with quirky and unique teapots and seem to now find them wherever I go.

On my Wish List:

Debenhams sell some beautiful teapots, like this one I spotted at the weekend!

Debenhams – £20.00 have an impressively large collection of teapots. This one in particular caught my eye. – £35.99

With the recent re-make of The Beauty and the Beast film, Mrs Potts has once again become an iconic figure. A Mrs Potts working teapot can be found in Primark’s homeware range, along with other items inspired by the film.

Primark – £12.00

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, John Lewis stock some ornate teapots, such as this magnificent Alice in Wonderland inspired piece.

John Lewis – £40.00

Some adorable patterns can be found on teapots these days, like this Peacock teapot from Hannah Turner. Guaranteed to brighten up any kitchen!

Hannah Turner – £34.99

As a cat lover, I have fallen for this delightful collectable piece from the ‘pawsome’ Curious Dog Shop.

The Curious Dog Shop – £29.95

The king of quirky teapots has to be Umiteasets. They have an extraordinary collection of items. There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from, it’s impossible to pick one, here’s a selection of some of my favourites:

 £53.75                                                         £42.10                                                               £11.13

Teapots are bang on trend at the moment, however this is a tend I doubt will ever disappear. ever since the 18th century, the English have been obsessed with tea. Whether it’s breakfast, earl grey or fruit tea, us Brits can’t get enough of the stuff, and innumerable stores will always be ready to supply us with unique teapots to serve our tea and to add sparkle and humour to our kitchens.


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