Recipe: Manchester Tart

Recipe: Manchester Tart

My husband’s all-time favourite cake favourite has got to be Manchester Tart. A slice of this cake takes him back to his childhood and he enjoys making this with our children. This has got to be the easiest cake to make and requires no baking. Unlike others, we use chocolate flakes on the topping rather than some traditional recipes which use coconut flakes. This makes it taste even more delicious!


Circular sweet pastry base

1 packet of ready-made custard or one tin of custard

1 banana

3 tbsp of jam

2 chocolate flakes


  1. If using a packet of custard to which boiling water is added, make this first and then allow to cool.
  2. Spread the jam across the pastry base ensuring the whole area is covered.
  3. Slice the banana and arrange on the pastry base.
  4. Pour the custard over the banana.
  5. Sprinkle chocolate flakes over the custard.
  6. When completely cool move to the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
  7. Enjoy!

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