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  • A Familiar Stranger by Matthew Williams

    A Familiar Stranger by Matthew Williams
  • Planning A Trip To Rome – Some Essential Tips

    Planning A Trip To Rome – Some Essential Tips
  • 10 Benefits of Meditation

    10 Benefits of Meditation
  • Reading the Classics: Emma

    Reading the Classics: Emma

Is My House Haunted?

If you’re reading this, you might be asking yourself the question ‘is my house haunted?‘ I have been there myself…

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Aldi Sugar-Free Sweets

When I stopped smoking in 2012 I turned to sweets (mints in particular) to curb my cravings for cigarettes. They…

The Russian Whale Jail and the Sad Reality of Whaling

In October 2018, a news story broke of a ‘Whale jail’ in the Far East of Russia. The media threw…

Fun Online Games for Younger Kids

Like many others of her age, my 5-year-old daughter loves playing games on her tablet. When she first started to…

10 Hotels in the North West on My Bucketlist!

My family and I love to travel! Every now and again, (in fact, very rarely), my husband and I get…

Reading the Classics: Animal Farm

After reading Pride and Prejudice I decided to read something a little lighter. The next book in my ‘Reading the…

Easter Resources From Mrs Mactivity

Aurelia and I have been introduced to a most wonderful website – Mrs Mactivity. I honestly cannot praise this site…