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  • A Familiar Stranger by Matthew Williams

    A Familiar Stranger by Matthew Williams
  • Planning A Trip To Rome – Some Essential Tips

    Planning A Trip To Rome – Some Essential Tips
  • 10 Benefits of Meditation

    10 Benefits of Meditation
  • Reading the Classics: Emma

    Reading the Classics: Emma

Weight Loss-Friendly Foods to Kickstart Your Diet

The older I get, the more difficult it seems to lose weight. In my early 20’s, I could go to…

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Aurelia and the Pop Pop Snotz

I have been kindly gifted a Pop Pop Snotz box for Aurelia to play with. Although I hadn’t heard of…

Comic-Con Oldham 2019 – Comic Book Heaven!

Aurelia and I love to make the most of our weekends and embark on some wonderful adventures! Last weekend, Aurelia…

Inspirational Quotes for Mental Health Awareness Week

In honour of Mental Health Awareness week 2019, I have put together some of my most favourite inspirational quotes. I’ve…

“Let Them Eat Cake” One of History’s Greatest Misquotes

For decades the words “Let them eat cake” have been attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette in the 18th-century. But, history…

Create the Look: Retro Design

What is Retro Design? The term retro is short for ‘retrospective’ – the definition of the word is to look…

Blue Planet Aquarium: A Splashtacular Underwater Adventure:

Aurelia and I finally ‘took the plunge’ and headed down to Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire. It was an epic…