Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

This summer, we found ourselves in one of our favourite parts of this country – South West England. This is truly a beautiful part of our country. We spent a few days in Bristol, which is a huge city with so many incredible things to see and do. It was difficult to choose exactly how to spend our days as we were so spoilt for choice. We opted to spend a day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, and we had such a wonderful day that I wanted to share our experience with my readers.


As many of my readers know, my husband became incredibly ill last year and now has very limited mobility. Part of our life now is to find mobility scooter hire wherever we go and to check for any accessibility issues.

Fortunately, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm offer mobility scooter hire at the incredibly cheap price of £10 for the day. (We normally pay around £30 per day to hire a mobility scooter from attractions we have visited in the past). The mobility scooter enabled my husband to visit all the attractions at the zoo and to fully enjoy the day as we who were mobile did.

There are ample toilets located throughout the attraction as well as disabled toilets. A number of cafes and eateries are also available. These are the perfect places to grab a quick ice cream or coffee whilst exploring all the zoo has to offer.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is open 7 days a week from 10.30 am and to 5 pm. Booking is essential as visitor numbers are limited due to the ongoing pandemic. The online booking process was quick and simple.

Play Areas

Everywhere we travel to, my daughter will always find a playground and spent far too much time on them. Well, as she checked the map at Noah’s Ark Zoo and Farm, her eyes lit up. My daughter loved the 3 outdoor play areas we found.

She also loved spending time in the indoor play area. The equipment was great and there was ample room for children to run around and burn off some energy.

The zoo is also home to a huge maze! Not only was this a tremendous amount of fun, but we also learnt something about the different animals that call the zoo home.

The Animals at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

From the smallest of reptiles to the biggest of beasts, there’s a vast array of animals to visit at the zoo. Shows are held throughout the day (unfortunately we missed them as we were so immersed in looking at the animals … and on the playgrounds!).

My daughter was really impressed with the variety of different birds at the zoo. From emus to owls and everything in between!

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm sparked Aurelia’s interest in Lemurs – an animal she has never shown a particular interest in before!

The zoo is home to a number of monkeys. They were very loud which was incredibly entertaining.

The Zoo was also educational. Each animal had an informative display. We learnt all about the different habitats of many of the animals, as well as learning something about the size of some of these creatures!

I was so impressed, we have never been so close to a rhino!

We also came incredibly close to the elephants!

There were plenty of viewing platforms from which to see some of the larger animals, such as the bears and lions.

All the animals were incredibly well cared for. And speak to any member of staff and you’ll discover they all have a real affinity for animals.

We had a wonderful day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm and we will be sure to return for another visit when we find ourselves back in the South West of England. Thank you for a fabulous day out!

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