My New Ineffabless Family Tree Necklace

My New Ineffabless Family Tree Necklace

I have created quite a few recent posts about products that I just have to rave about. My new Family Tree necklace from Ineffabless is certainly one such item. Having an active toddler hanging off my neck, I go through necklaces at an alarming rate. I wanted to treat myself to a special piece of jewellery that would stand the rough and tumbles of motherhood.

Choosing Jewellery

Ever since my teens, I have always worn silver jewellery or white gold, I simply preferred the colour. However, as an adult, I have learnt more about skin tones and how these determine which metals suit us best. There are a number of ways to determine your skin tone, my favourite is the veins test. If the veins on your wrist appear bluer in colour, then you are cool toned and silver jewellery flatters you. If the veins are greener, then opt for gold as you are warmer skin toned. Another test I have come across is the tan test – a person who burns easily or fails to get a tan is considered to have a cool skin tone. Whereas those lucky people who tan well have a warmer skin tone.

Why Choose Ineffabless?

By googling Uk silver jewellery one will find the Ineffabless website. I was surprised and impressed by their extensive range of affordable jewellery. What I like about the site is that some items are available in both gold and silver – this is something rarely found on jeweller’s sites. My Mum has always worn gold jewellery, having the option of the same necklace in both metals means we can, at last, have matching jewellery! My favourite thing about the brand is they sell jewellery which is designed to hold meaning. Though specific symbolic labels are not given to each piece, it is left to the buyer to attach their own meaning to the jewellery.

Why a Tree?

I chose this necklace precisely because it of its design – it’s a family tree necklace.

Ineffabless – Family Tree Necklace – £60.00

As a historian I have always had a particular interest in genealogy and this summer, I finally completed my own family tree (well, as complete as it can be for the time being anyway). My name, Ashley is an Old English name meaning ‘dweller near the ash tree forest’. My mother chose the name precisely because of its association with trees and mother nature. I have always loved nature – as many comment on my Instagram account, I am somewhat of an aspiring nature photographer. I also love the cultural symbolic significance of the tree – it embodies different things for different people.  Since antiquity, trees have represented strength and endurance. They can also symbolise a fresh beginning, or a new life and even protection. The tree as a multi-faceted symbol meant that this particular necklace stood out amongst all the other unique pieces on the website. For me, my necklace represents my attachment to my own close-knit family – in wearing my necklace, they are always with me.

My Family Tree Necklace

6 beautiful coloured Swarovski crystals are set into my adorable sterling silver necklace. These stunning colours sparkle in the light and make whatever clothes I am wearing seem all the more colourful.


The branches of the tree entwine to create a stunning and most eye-catching pattern. The pendant is not thin or flimsy as are many silver pendants, rather it is sturdy and robust. However, the high quality of the metal has not compromised the style. On the neck, the pendant is not thick or chunky, nor does it feel heavy, instead it sits gracefully.

My necklace arrived through the post in its beautiful packaging. It was a real pleasure to open the sparkling box to see my well-designed, elegant Family Tree pendant complete with a beautiful sterling silver chain.

Since my necklace arrived, I have hardly taken it off. I have had innumerable compliments on my new piece of jewellery, it just stands out so much and completes my outfit. My necklace is a high-quality product and I would highly recommend this necklace to everyone. Furthermore, it was a bargain at only £60.00 with free delivery. I would also encourage anyone who is shopping for jewellery to head over to the Ineffabless site for a browse. Their extensive range of unique pieces means there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to indulge yourself, or searching for the perfect gift for someone special.

  • This is a collaborative post, however, all views are my own. 


  1. Kim
    April 7, 2019 / 8:13 pm

    Your tree necklace is beautiful. ? I’ve never heard of Ineffabless, but I’ll definitely check them out.

    • Lellalee
      April 9, 2019 / 12:03 pm

      Thank you Kim, their pieces are stunning xxx

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