Making an argument for rugs within the home

Making an argument for rugs within the home

I decided to write this post as I am currently obsessed with rugs! I recently decided there are too few rugs in our home and this is a ‘problem’ I have decided to rectify this autumn. My husband argues that rugs remind him of his granny’s house and he has categorised them as an old person’s home accessory, yet I have put up quite a convincing argument on the contrary.

Rugs have never lost their appeal – they always have been readily available in all good furniture stores. The drab patterns I can recall from my childhood were red or green with rather complex and in my opinion, hideous patterns. I was stunned to find a rug (similar to the one pictured left which could be found in my Grandparent’s house in the 80’s), lying on the floor of my friend’s trendy city apartment.

I, however (no matter how trendy these may be) am not arguing for a return of this sort of rug, rather a more modern piece that will add a touch of class to the modern home.

The Rugs – from £75.00
The Rug – from £389.00


Most of my friends have at least one rug in their home. They offer a homely touch to an otherwise often bare and dull laminate floor. Not forgetting of course the cold touch of a hard laminate floor on a cold winter morning! When buying a rug, consider the purpose of the rug – is its sole function to enhance the decor of the room of are you seeking a more practical purpose?

Rugs come in a variety of materials and vary in density. I can recall falling asleep in front of the fireplace in my old home in which there was no central heating. This cosy, thick and woolly rug was unsuited to my new home (which brought me kicking and screaming into the 21st century with the magical wonder of central heating).  My old kitchen floor consisted of cold marble tiles. I can remember the sense of dread on the December mornings before I entered that room. I eventually bought a rug (rather unorthodox I know). This was the best investment piece of the home.

A bold rug can make a huge statement in either a large or a small space.

Afaw Shaggy Berber Rug
La – £99.00

Decide whether your rug needs to dictate the decor of the room or if you would like it to be incorporated into the existing style of your room. If I want to revamp a room in my home without changing all the decor or furniture, I either replace or add a rug. The flooring or carpet or your room need not be changed.

Patterns – £142.88

Rugs come in a vast array of patterns and designs. Consider the style of your home and what you want your home to say about you.

My teenage daughter prefers woven materials and psychedelic patterns which would not be suited to our lounge (or indeed any other room in the home).

I am (quite often desperately and unsuccessfully) trying to create a more modern, classy, elegant atmosphere in my home. Before the arrival of my toddler, I opted for beige woollen rugs.

Darcy Border Rug – from £75.00

Now, however, I have to consider the amount of mess my toddler makes and use everything in my power to hide the frequent and excessive stains that occur from daily life. – £24.95

I now choose cheaper more colourful rugs which are now more practical for our home.

How to ‘Correctly’ Place a Rug

This depends on the room in which the rug will be housed. In a lounge, for instance, designers suggest placing the furniture along the outer edges of the rug.

If your room is particularity large (like mine) this will then require an especially large rug. Large rugs are more popular at the moment and are therefore readily available. If using a rug in the bedroom, designers suggest laying the rug under the bed.

As with all interior posts, I would strongly suggest you use your own ideas here. If, like me, you want your rug to be a showpiece in your bedroom, it will serve little purpose underneath a bed – if you have the room, display it if you wish.

I have a habit of placing my lounge rug close to the fireplace. I pay little attention to the furniture in relation to the placement of the rug. To me, a rug in front of the fireplace creates a comforting and welcoming atmosphere.

The sheer amount of materials and patterns widely available make the rug an attractive piece of furnishing and a wise investment. Rugs could be incorporated into an existing decor, to warm a cold room, or to dominate an otherwise dull room, there are so many options. Use a rug in your home to revamp or to make a statement. As with all things in your home, make sure the item you buy reflects you and your personality.


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