How to Remove Black Hair Dye

How to Remove Black Hair Dye

How To Remove Black Hair Dye (A Method that Actually Works)

Ok so you’ve made that terrible mistake, you’ve coloured your hair black – not a dark shade of brown but pure black. And now you want it out. You’ve searched the internet for a way to remove the black hair dye, but everything you try doesn’t seem to work?

I have been there and I feel your pain. I dyed my hair black in an attempt to remove horrible red pigments from my hair. First of all, if anyone is reading this and is considering colouring their hair black for whatever reason then don’t! Instead, use a dark shade of brown, this is much easier to remove once you want to change the colour.

Tried and Tested Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye that Didn’t Work for me

There are many websites out there that claim black hair dye can be removed using some natural home remedies. I exhausted all of these ideas and none of them actually worked. In a desperate attempt for results, I tried to use anti-dandruff shampoo, using it for weeks on end with no results. I also tired baking soda mixed with various ingredients, such as anti-dandruff shampoo and white vinegar. Again, I used these methods for months on end to try and remove the black hair dye. They did nothing to shift the unwanted dye and only left my hair in a terrible dry condition.

I was left with two options; bleaching my hair or using a hair dye removal kit. Speaking to my hairdresser about this, her advice was to use none of these products as they can damage the hair, however I had simply had enough of the awful black hair. My first shot using the hair dye removal kit was not so successful. I later discovered that I failed to remove the black hair dye because I used another dye immediately afterwards. As a result, the follicles in my hair had no time to rest and the black dye was still lingering around. As soon as I applied the new colour to my hair, the black hair immediately returned and clung on to my hair. I was back to square one!

The Way to Remove Black Hair Dye

My second attempt at using a hair dye removal kit to remove black hair dye was much more successful. By coincidence, I got chatting to the manager of my local Superdrug store and explained my predicament. She recommended using Superdrug’s own brand ‘Superdrug Colour Rewind Hair Colour Remover’.

This product worked wonders! I followed the instructions, coating the product on my hair, I then placed cling-film over my hair and using a hair dryer to heat up my hair. I kept the product on my hair for an hour and used the hair dryer for 5 minutes at a time every 10 minutes. Then I thoroughly rinsed my hair (for about half an hour). I wanted to be absolutely certain that none of the black hair dye remained in my hair.

My hair turned a lovely copper colour, I was really pleased with the result. I was amazed to see that it hadn’t frazzled my hair either! Importantly, I refrained from dying my hair for weeks. I do have a lot of grey hairs at the roots so in the meantime I used Clairol’s root touch-up.  (I was advised that semi-permanent, rather than permanent hair dyes could also be used on my hair for approximately 8 weeks if I hated the colour my hair had turned).

I would highly recommend Superdrug’s Colour Rewind to anyone who wants to remove black hair dye or indeed to anyone who has had a hair colouring disaster. This product truly did remove the stubborn unwanted hair dye, furthermore, to my surprise, it left my hair in excellent condition and a beautiful colour.

Always perform a strand test before using this or any other home dying kit.


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