Create the Look – Scandinavian Design

Create the Look – Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design 

I am obsessed with Scandinavian design and was surprised to find it has been popular in UK homes throughout the twentieth century. Its popularity has ensured and this trend is as popular as ever and most online furniture stores have a Scandinavian section on their site. The hallmark of this design is minimalism and practicality. The climate plays a huge part in Scandinavian interior design; the inhabitants of Norway, Denmark and Sweden endure long dark harsh winters and a huge amount of their time is spent within their homes. Thus, Scandinavian home décor is dictated by a need for light and purity to offer a stark contrast to the conditions outside.  


The main feature of Scandinavian design is the reliance on the colour white. This applies to both furnishings and the walls of the home. This is a marked reminder of the snow falling outside of the home for much of the year. Yet this colour is significant for other reasons; it represents purity and light, a positive force and so the colour is intended to create positivity within the dwelling. The colour is also a stark contrast to the long dark Scandinavian nights.

Yet Scandinavian design is also about colour for pure white walls and furnishings would create quite a clinical atmosphere rather than a homely environment. Colours used in this décor are bright and optimistic rather than some of the darker colours found in other designs. For instance, lively blues and energetic greens as well as subtle grey colours will work well with the Scandinavian look. Also, Scandinavian homes opt for paint rather than wallpaper on the walls.


Wood is an important aspect of Scandinavian décor. This material brings nature indoors and promotes a cosy and homely atmosphere. Wooden furniture is quite often preferred and wooden beams are left exposed wherever possible. Rustic, natural stained and modest furniture fit well with Scandinavian décor. Aside from creating a sense of outdoors indoors, light is also highly important. In more modern Scandinavian décor, mirrored furniture has become an extremely popular aspect of this design because mirrors reflect light and create a sense of space.


When planning to decorate your room in this style, bear in mind minimalism. A few pieces of choice furniture need to be used to make bold statements. Do not clutter the room with large numbers of objects. This design is all about practicality – each piece of furnishing ought to have a purpose. Comfort and creating a homely atmosphere ought to be of paramount importance. Also consider choosing bright colours and materials. But make sure that each piece you choose says something about your own personality. Scandinavian design may follow a set of criteria, but it also emphasises creativity and individuality.

Create the Scandinavian Look

Here are some carefully selected pieces to ‘Create the Scandinavian look’.

  1. Olaf 3-seater sofa – – £298.77
  2. Oak extending dining table – Great Furniture Trading Company – £479.00
  3. Rocking Chair – Cult Furniture – £109.00
  4. Cotta Chair – John Lewis – £199.00

  1. 6 Drawer Chest – Maisons Du Monde – £180.50
  2. Eve Rug – Scandinavian Design Center – £132.00
  3. Scandi Cage Lamp – Cult Furniture – £27.00
  4. Abstract Art – Cult Furniture – £29.00

Use lighting and wall art to make bold statements by selecting something a little more daring.

Scandinavian design is all about practical, cosy living so always bear this in mind. You can create a Scandinavian design with even a few pieces of choice furniture. As with any design, your furniture should say something about you so ensure each piece you purchase reflects your personality.


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