Family Fun with Quirk!

Family Fun with Quirk!

This afternoon, I have spent one of the most pleasant afternoons with my 6-year-old daughter, Aurelia playing a game of Quirk! Now, if you’re looking for genuine family fun that will bring the children some much-needed entertainment in these odd times, then Quirk is just the game for you.

During lockdown, we have learnt the importance of family fun, of spending time together around the table and enjoying a simple game.

Now Quirk is the most hilarious game we have ever played as a family. The game was enjoyed by myself, my 6-year-old, my 18-year-old and my husband. And all of us agree that Quirk is a new family favourite.

How to Play Quirk!

I would describe Quirk quite simply as ‘go fish’ meets charades. Quirk is a card game, but with a difference. The rules are incredibly simple. Each player is given 3 cards and each of these have a character on them. Players must collect three of each card and when they have done so, place them on a pile to the side.

The player with the most piles of cards wins. However, players must ask their opponents for the cards they need. They must do so by acting out the character they require.

The game comes with two sets of cards – a more challenging set and an easier set. We opted for the easier set. The characters featured were mostly animals, which led to some hilarious impressions and animal noises.

If the opponent doesn’t have the requested card, they take a card from the pile in the middle.

The game is made even more challenging with the additional ‘action’ cards. If you take one of these cards from the pile, you can steal an opponents pile, stop them from asking for a particular card or even shield your own piles from being stolen.

So, Aurelia, my 6-year-old and I began to play the game. Our laughter was then heard by her older sister and my husband who joined us in the next round. It was so nice to see belly laughs all around the table.

Why We Would Recommend Quirk!

Gibsons Games have become a firm favourite not only of mine but of the whole family. We reviewed Gibsons Games‘Don’t Pass the Bomb – The Big One’ last month. This game has become a staple part of our weekly family games night. Quirk will definitely be added to this prestigious list.

It can be so difficult to find games that are appealing to us all. We have an age gap of 12 years between our daughters and trying to find games that will be enjoyed by them both is often a daunting task. Furthermore, as parents, we don’t often enjoy the games our children do (I’m sure we’re not alone in this). However, ‘Don’t Pass the Bomb – The Big One’ and ‘Quirk’ have ticked all boxes for us.

The rules were incredibly simple for us all to follow and my 6 years old grasped the concept of the game immediately. We can’t wait to play our new game again and indulge in some more much-needed family fun.

*This is a sponsored post, however, as always, all opinions are my own.

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