Experiencing History with the Mysteries in Time Subscription Box

Experiencing History with the Mysteries in Time Subscription Box

Experiencing history with the Mysteries in Time subscription box is undoubtedly one of my most favourite experiences as a parenting blogger. As many of you know, I am a medieval historian by trade and a part-time blogger. Blogging is a way I can connect with my youngest daughter, Aurelia as we enjoy reviewing toys and games together.

When my profession and my blog meet it is an incredibly exciting experience for me. And not only did I enjoy this review, but Aurelia absolutely loved it too!

Mysteries in Time Subscription Boxes

Mysteries in Time offer subscription boxes for children between the ages of 7 and 11. Prices start from as little as £7.99. The boxes are described as ‘time machines’ which is an incredibly apt description. Each box contains a whole array of educational tools which truly engage children with the past. Not only do they explore the past, but they also get to experience history in a meaningful way.

The two characters, Max and Katie travel through time and teach children about the past through a variety of mediums. Through colouring activities, crafts and puzzles.

Customers can choose the type of plan they would like and can even choose how often they receive their subscriptions. What’s great about this subscription service is that it can be cancelled at anytime. The time machines can even be personalised to include your child’s name.

Since Aurelia has had very little schooling this year (and we sort of gave up on homeschooling around June time), the Mysteries in Time boxes are a great way to rekindle her love of learning and to revisit some of those skills, such as reading and problem solving which may have become a little rusty during lockdown.

Experiencing Ancient Egypt

Children begin their journey into the past with Ancient Egypt. This is a great place to start! As a small child, I was always fascinated by mummies, hieroglyphics and the pyramids as were my own children. If children have had very few history lessons, or even if they have begun to learn about the past at school properly, Ancient Egypt will be sure to engage their little minds.

Other topics include the Vikings, the Wild West, the Victorians, the Second World War and Ancient Rome.

What’s Included in the Time Machine?

Opening the Time Machine was incredibly exciting for Aurelia. The box was filled with lots of bright and colourful items which she was really keen to get her hands on!

The box comes with a really handy guide which will help you to get the most out of the activities.

I loved the activities booklet. This included some really interesting facts about Ancient Egypt as well as some fantastic activities. Aurelia enjoyed looking through the brightly coloured pages and took a genuine interest in the facts included in the booklet. The booklet also comes with a range of puzzles, a quiz as well as some colouring sheets.

The huge map that was included in the box is incredibly colourful and an excellent educational tool. Aurelia was asked to locate Egypt on the map and then place the Ancient Egypt a sticker on the timeline.

This gave Aurelia a sense of time and also geographical location. The map now proudly hangs on her bedroom wall!

The box included a hieroglyphics translation chart. Aurelia and I spent some time translating our own names into this ancient language.

The time machine comes with a craft activity. In the ancient Egypt box, children are asked to create their own amulets.

Using the guide, Aurelia took the clay and made her very own ancient amulets. We then looked through the booklet to discover exactly what amulets were and what their purpose was.

Aurelia followed the adventures of Max and Katie as they explored the realms of Ancient Egypt in the superbly written illustrated story. We helped the pair solve a mystery and Aurelia really was lost in the past!

We completed all of the activities with Aurelia’s new Egyptian pen.

Why We Recommend The Mysteries in Time History Subscription Box

I know I’m biased, but history is an excellent subject to incorporate into children’s education at home and school from an early age. History ticks so many boxes – it aids literacy, maths, art, geography, general knowledge and promotes a whole host of additional skills. Through history, children can develop their imaginations as they consider how things would have looked in the past. They can consider what their life would have been like had they lived in another time period. History encourages the exploration of different cultures and teaches an understanding that people differ and an important sense of empathy. Finding a way to make this essential subject engaging is the key to peaking children’s interest.

As much as I enjoy history, my children don’t always share my passion. I struggle to find activities that they will enjoy. The Mysteries in Time subscription boxes are the perfect way to get children involved in this thrilling subject. The colourful materials, the craft activities, the stickers and accessories grab children’s attention. As the children have fun with their new history subscription box, they will learn through play. This is an excellent way to ensure that children will retain information.

Thanks to the Mysteries in Time subscription box, I have found a way to involve my youngest daughter in my work and passion.

All of the items in the time machine were of extremely high quality. The papers and cards were all durable and will be enjoyed for years to come. I was really impressed with the quality of the craft materials, they were of significantly better quality than the ones we have here at home.

What I love the most about this history subscription box is watching Aurelia play and have fun as she explores a new and exciting activity set. My daughter really enjoyed the stories, the facts, the crafts and the activities provided in this box and we can’t wait to see where in the past we will go next!

*This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all opinions are my own.

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