How to conduct an EVP Session

How to conduct an EVP Session

Science has virtually dismissed or ignored the possibility communicating with the spirit world. It is up to us as investigators to collect as much data as possible to prove to the scientific community that there is an afterlife and we can talk with the dead. In many ways this is an exciting time because we as investigators are shaping the field.

There are multiple ways to contact the spirit world, one such way is by talking to spirits via electronic recorders. The voices that can be heard on these devices are known as EVPs or ‘Electric Voice Phenomenon’. EVPs are one of the most popular methods of communicating with ghosts because they are relatively easy to obtain (if the spirits are present). Voice recorders can be purchased relatively easily online, sometimes they are known as Dictaphones.


The voice recorder I use is the same one I use when I attend conferences or meetings – it works in the same way. Yet these fantastic pieces of equipment are able to pick up voices the human ear is unable to hear.

How to conduct an EVP session:

  • Ensure that you have a fully functioning, fully charged EVP recorder and that there is enough space to make a recording.
  • It is always best (although not always possible) to conduct EVP sessions indoors as there is less chance of interference from other sources, e.g. cars. Nevertheless, some of the best EVPs I have captured have been outside – just do your best to make sure you’re in a quiet spot and that everybody stays silent.
  • When recording ensure you hold the recording device as still as possible or place it on a flat surface where it can’t wobble.

Asking Questions

  • Before asking any questions, I always introduce myself and state the purpose of my visit to the place: to talk to the spirits. I also add that I mean no disrespect or wish no harm upon anyone present.
  • You may feel silly at first, but simply address the spirits and ask a question; such as what is your name? can you please tell me who is present? How many spirits are here? How old are you etc.
  • Spirits seem to prefer these direct questions in which you want to know something about them. This seems to peak their interest and provides them with an opportunity to talk about themselves.
  • After each question, pause for at least 10 seconds to give the spirits ample time to answer.
  • After asking a good number of questions, perhaps 5 or 6, play back the recording and listen very carefully, you might just have a response!
  • Do not be disheartened if you do not get an immediate response, keep on trying. Sometimes the spirits may be just ‘warming up’ or gathering enough energy to talk. They may also want to hear you talk a little more before they speak to you.
  • If you receive a threatening or angry voice (I’ve had a few of these), don’t fret. I’m sure the spirits sometimes enjoy playing pranks, or venting their anger. Remember you are in their space, it’s the equivalent of banging on a grumpy old man’s door and asking for your ball back once it’s gone over the fence – perhaps they just want to be left alone. And if the spirit asks to be left alone, we should respect that.

Reviewing the Evidence

  • When you get home, as soon as possible after your investigation, review your evidence again. If possible hook the voice recorder up to your computer. My laptop has a range of features (all that came with the laptop) which enable me to speed EVP’s up or slow them down. This really helps as sometimes the message isn’t always clear.
  • Get someone else to listen to the EVPs with you – they might be able to hear something that you missed, or offer a different interpretation to what you’re hearing.

Remember that an EVP is just another method of communicating with the spirit world, if you are worried about spirits following you home, make it clear that that is not permitted when you leave the location. Always thank the spirits at the end (even if you didn’t hear any voices upon your live review) as a point of good manners.


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