Christmas Gift Ideas: My 4 year old Daughter

Christmas Gift Ideas: My 4 year old Daughter

In many ways my 4 year old daughter,  Aurelia is the easiest person to buy Christmas gifts for; give her any empty box and she will quite happily play for hours! The difficulty is in finding gifts that will keep her entertained and interested for months to come. The other problem I face is her changing interests and fads; for weeks she will talk of nothing but Peppa Pig, as soon as I buy her a Peppa Pig toy, her interest has moved onto Paw Patrol! 

We also have another ‘problem’; Aurelia’s birthday is in October. And so after Christmas, it’s 10 months until we can freshen up her toy box with her next big bundle of toys. I have to take into consideration her development and plan in advance; I quite often buy Christmas gifts for her knowing full well she will not be able to play with them or fully interact with them until 6 months later.

My plan for Christmas 2017

This year, I’m trying to steer clear of character based toys and play sets. Aurelia is all about PJ Masks at the moment and she has asked (loudly and repeatedly) for some PJ Masks figurines. £40.00 for 5 small figures I deem ridiculously expensive anyway, however I have told her I flat out refuse to buy them simply because I doubt the PJ Mask trend will be long-lived! Nevertheless I have not completely ignored her Christmas list. Yet I have gone through the list and selected items that will see her through the year.

1. George Wooden Light-up Doll House

I have been looking for a decent doll house for Aurelia for a while. I found many of them were plastic and looked rather cheap. I came across this wooden doll house from Asda – standing at 84cm high, it is complete with lights and furniture. The reviews on this product are excellent and a cursory look would suggest it is rather well-made.

Asda – £56.00

2. Vtech Kidizoom Camera

Aurelia seems to be following in my footsteps and also thinks of herself as a budding photographer! Her little plastic camera is adorable but I think it’s time she has a proper camera. After reading multiple reviews, I’ve decided upon this stylish, durable yet affordable little camera for her.

Argos – £39.99

3. Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

Aurelia received an Orchard Toys board game as a birthday gift, it was perhaps her favourite gift of all. The games this company produce are educational yet fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Aurelia loves shopping, and she likes to tick off items on her shopping list. And so I decided upon this particular game for Christmas.

Smyths – £6.99

4. Leapad Learning Tablet

My children are always stealing my tablet to play games and to watch Youtube videos. I bought my eldest, Kerri a tablet of her own last Christmas, perhaps it’s time I do the same for Aurelia. Although I am reluctant to let loose with her own tablet, running the risk of her wanting to sit playing for hours on a computer screen, I do however think I ought to move with the times. ICT is now an important part of the school curriculum, so why not jump on board and give her a head start!

Toys ‘R’ Us – £89.99

5. Robot Toy Dog

This was a toy Aurelia has put at the very top of her Christmas list. Her logic is that if she can’t have a real pet dog, well then a robot is the next best thing! Argos have these on offer for £22.49 reduced from £44.99 – this is a real bargain! They come in a variety of colours and will hopefully bring hours of fun and entertainment.

Argos – £22.49


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