Back to School Essentials with Asda

Back to School Essentials with Asda

We always leave our ‘Back to School’ shopping until the last minute. That way we have had a chance to see what’s about and hopefully grab a few bargains in the reduced aisle. This year we headed to our local Asda store as they were the most reasonably priced for the items we required. My eldest daughter, Kerri begins her final school year next week and for her GCSE’s, we needed more equipment than usual. Here’s a few bargains we picked up!

Bic ‘Cristal Fun’ Coloured Pens – £1.50

Puka Pad – £2.00 (not available online)

Oxford Notebook  – £3.00

Oxford Diary – £3.00 (not available online)

Files – 5 pack – £1.00

Pencil Case (Large) Various Colours – £1.00

Index Cards (Great for Revision) -£1.60 each (not available online)

Pack of 10 Mini Highlighters – £1.10

These items will stand her in good stead for the busy year ahead!


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