A Personalised Book from ‘In The Book’

A Personalised Book from ‘In The Book’

If there is one thing my children can never have enough of, it’s books! We have so much storage space in our home specifically for all the wonderful books my children and I have the privilege of owning! When I buy gifts for my friend’s children, I will always opt for a book that will last forever as opposed to a toy. To mine and my daughter’s delight, we’ve had the pleasure of receiving a personalised book from the amazing ‘In the Book’.

Why Choose a Personalised Book?

My 8-year-old, Aurelia absolutely adores personalised books! Seeing her own name in the story not only encourages her to pick up the book to read in the first place, but it also makes her feel part of the story. She develops a connection to the book and the author that she simply doesn’t get from ordinary books.

Personalised books are the perfect gift – they really are something that the recipient will treasure and keep and will be read over and over again.

‘In the Book’

‘In the Book’ offer a vast array of personalised book options. You could opt to have your child featured in the story itself or be cast in the starring role. Including a younger child in the story really does make for the perfect gift. It is a great opportunity to get younger children engaged with reading and develop a love for books!

Choosing a book from ‘In the Book’ was incredibly difficult. however, navigating your way around the site is very easy as all the books are arranged into really convenient categories. You can search by age, gender, or even by character. I was really surprised by just how many books there are on offer. Furthermore, there are many different ‘types of books, for instance, activity books, board books, colouring books or classic books. You can also choose a book based on your favourite characters, such as a Disney Princess, a Marvel character or Paw Patrol. And ‘In the Book’ do not only cater for children, but they can also create the most wonderful books for adults too.

When ordering your book, you have the option to add a personalised note to the recipient. And with some books, it is also possible to add a personal photo.

Each book is perfectly illustrated and contains a beautiful array of colours. The books are created by a team of incredibly talented illustrators who really have the rare skill of making a story jump off the page and capture our imaginations.

‘In the Book’ with The Nightmare Before Christimas

Both my daughters are utterly obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas. Whether it’s birthdays or Christmases, Jack Skellington and his love, Sally are sure to appear amongst the gifts. And so the ‘In the Book with the Nightmare Before Christmas‘ book is the perfect gift for my 8-year-old.

I had looked at the book on the ‘In the Book’ website however I was unprepared for just how stunning this book would be in real life. The book is made from the finest material and the colours are incredibly vibrant.

The illustrations are superb and really do bring the story to life. I added a personal message for my daughter.

And her name appears on each page of the story.

She was absolutely thrilled to receive the book and was astounded to see the lovely personal touch of her name on each page she read.

The book arrived in a beautiful gift box, the perfect place to store such a treasured book.

I like to read a little something about each company I work with. I was really impressed by the ethos of ‘In the Book’. Their mission is to encourage children to develop a love for reading by creating beautiful books. The company are also keen to ‘give back’ by donating some of their books to underprivileged children. All the books are created using environmentally, sustainable materials.

I cannot praise ‘In the Book’ more. Their books are beautifully created, their site is easy to navigate and the book was quick to arrive once ordered. I’ll certainly be ordering plenty more books from this company as their incredible products will make the perfect Christmas gift!

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