5 Toiletry Items I Can’t Live Without

5 Toiletry Items I Can’t Live Without

Sometimes we all come across a product we really want to shout about! Well, this is my opportunity to do so and share with the world some of the toiletry items I always have in my home.

1. Interdental Brushes

These have to be at the top of my list. As a child and a teen I had good teeth, not perfect, but good. As I went through my first pregnancy, my teeth began to crumble and holes started to appear. (I was told by one midwife this was because the baby was taking all of the calcium, but then another said that was nonsense, so I still don’t know why this happened!). Going into my 20’s, my teeth were in a terrible condition despite brushing and mouth-washing twice and often three times a day. My dental hygienist repeatedly recommended interdental brushes, but I feared my teeth might fall out further. After months of coaxing, I finally gave them a try.

I wasn’t comfortable with the sensation at first, but I very quickly overcame this. I began with the smallest size brush and within a few months I was on one of the largest. I went from visiting the dental hygienist every 6 weeks for a clean to now going only once a year! And in the 4 years I have been using them, I have not had one single filling … not one! Prior to these little miracle workers I was continuously loosing teeth and creating holes – now they actually have to ask my name when I go into the dentist! I don’t have a set routine, I just use them whenever I feel like it (two or three times a day). These brushes are reusable, simply throw it away when it becomes worn. Many stores have their own brand interdental brushes – try Boots ‘Expert TePe Interdental Brushes‘.

Boots – £3.25 for 6 

2. Sanex Deodorant

This is a product I would struggle to live without! I perspire a heck of a lot – while sat watching T.V., walking up the stairs, don’t even get me started on while exercising! As a teen, I was always really conscious of this and other deodorants didn’t seem to assist me in any way. Then I found Sanex! I have been using it for over 10 years now and it is one of my favourite toiletry items. There are a number of different fragrances available, all wonderful! I never feel self-conscious anymore – I know from first thing in the morning until I undress in the evening I’m covered by this amazing product!

Asda – £2.00

3. Barry M Nail Varnish

I have terrible nails, they’re so brittle and for some reason seem to crack if not painted. I found Barry M a few years ago and it really seems to help! I have used other brands before and they have turned yellow, orange and left my nails in awful condition when removed. Barry M nail varnish stays on for days before it cracks (and I put my nails through hell – washing up, cleaning, etc). Since finding Barry M, I no longer use any other brand – there are so many colours and textures, such as Molten Metal and Glitter to choose from! Boots stock an extensive range of Barry M nail varnishes.

Boots – £2.99

4. Lush Tinted Lip Balm

I am a huge fan of all Lush products (hence why they are featured twice in my favourite toiletry items list). I find that lipsticks and lip glosses tend to fade rather quickly on my lips (even those that promise to stay on for hours on end!) Within 5  minutes it has completely evaporated. Some of them leave a horrid crusty layer behind. However, Lush tinted lip balms gave my lips a hint of colour but also leave them feeling soft and moisturised. Since using this product, I no longer suffer from the wintry dry lips I so looked forward to from October until March! No more crusty lips for me!

Latte Lip Tint – £6.99 

5. Movis

This is one of my favourite toiletry items. Yes, you read it right – Movis. Sounds like Hovis, looks a bit like Hovis and even feels a little like Hovis! This product has really helped my daughter and I with our acne. The product is another marvel from Lush. It is purchased in a chunk, a bit like a block of soap. Add warm water to it and it acts like a soap. This can then be applied to the face and then washed off. It leaves my skin feeling amazing! It smells delicious as well. I love the texture when it reacts with water, it turns soft and pliable. It retains its shape once used but never completely dries out so it’s always nice to the touch.

£5.94 for 120g.


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