10 New Year Traditions from Around the World

10 New Year Traditions from Around the World
  1. The folks of Denmark throw plates and dishes against the doors of friends and neighbours on New Year’s Eve as a way of sending best wishes.
  2. In Spain, at the stroke of midnight people attempt to stuff 12 grapes into their mouths for good luck for the following year.
  3. Divers in Siberia plant trees underneath frozen rivers and lakes to signify rebirth.
  4. In North America, kissing someone at the stroke of midnight seals one’s fate for the forthcoming year.
  5. In China (they celebrate their New Year at a different time of our year) paint their doors red for luck.
  6. In Russia, people jot down their wishes on a piece of paper, burn it and then place it into a glass of champagne, which is then drank.
  7. People in Turkey sprinkle slat on their front doorsteps at midnight to bring in peace and wealth to the home.
  8. The French traditionally welcome in the New Year by devouring a stack of crepes.
  9. The Swiss drop a blob of cream on the floor as a good luck charm.
  10. The English sing ‘Old Lang Syne’ as Big Ben chimes midnight. This song, based on the poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns written in 1788 means, ‘old long since’ and is a way to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new.

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